You have bought a domain name with Domstocks: what next ?

In most cases, our clients purchase domain names in order to improve their SEO or to build ecommerce, affililation or sponsored articles made for websites. On the contrary to a few yers ago, 301 redirect have little SEO impact and domain name parking is not profitable anymore. builds websites for you

If you do not have the skills, the human means or the time to build multiple websites, our partner offer a great service to web agencies, SEO companies and website publishers, with packs sold at EUR70 per website and with the following characteristics:

  • Wordpress website with various templates and plugins
  • Personalized logo
  • A minimum of five articles (350 to 400 words each) + 1 media par website
  • SEO hosting with a dedicated IP (0,45 EUR / month/ website), and different C-Class IP addresses
  • Access to Wordpress admin, enabling to easily edit the websites, without limit
  • Possibility to get the source files, in order to host the website elsewhere at any moment

This offer comprises several packs from 5 to 30 websites (within the same topical category), which can be delivered in a few weeks. can also use your own domain names.